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We have a mission to build a stable innovative, technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem in #Burundi.

Our Partners

We create solutions that forge new economic pathways, driving local growth through innovative approaches.

Create professional invoices easily with Flexo

You work hard on your business, and your invoices should look professional too. Flexo  makes it ridiculously easy to create professional invoices, customize them with your business info, and send them via customized emails.

Professional Invoice Templates

Professional Invoice Templates

We have carefully created invoice templates for every industry and you can easily customize them.

Payment Reminders

Payment Reminders

Your invoices can get lost in customers’ inboxes or mail, remind them with payment reminders to get paid faster. 

A platform to manage your school with ease Shule App is the KEY.

Manage your school in a secure way and access it from anywhere.

A bank-centric payment wallet with a multiple utilities.

KwikPay is the first accelerator [BRIDGE] between banks and end users. We’re going to innovate how people are going to spend their money and how they’re going to use it on a daily basis.

We're focusing on building the largest tech hub in Burundi, one step at a time.

Our teams use their expertise to develop people-centred solutions to meet their pressing challenges.

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